How to Pick the Right Shipping Supplies for Bulk Shipments in U.S

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Metal Supplier

If you use good shipping straps, they will keep your cargo secure. The most common strapping/banding products are made of nylon, rubber, polypropylene, steel, or polyester. Steel and polyester products are great for most jobs because they can secure timber, beams, and more. Learn how to select the right strap for each job.

Steel Strapping

No other strap is durable like a steel strap. It gets its strength from various steel alloys. If you wrap high-quality steel straps around a load of timber, they won’t break easily under pressure.

Polyester Banding

Polyester bands are very flexible, so they’re fantastic for supplies that could shift. If a load moves, these bands will move too.

Guidelines for Steel Strapping

When you need strength and stability, opt for steel straps. They’re good for a shipment that has

  • Hefty cargo
  • Unstable cargo
  • Items with sharp edges

In addition, steel straps are also great for long-distance hauls and loads that require excessive handling.

Guidelines for Polyester Bands

Polyester bands are made for oddly shaped cargo. They can protect a vulnerable load because polyester is scratch resistant.

If you’ve never used any type of bands, invest in polyester bands first as they don’t have a steep learning curve. They’re great for quick hauls because they’re easy to remove.

You can buy good polyester straps from any shipping supply store. If you need high-quality steel strapping seals, you can purchase them from Independent Metal Strap. To learn more about your options for steel strapping seals, visit us

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