2 Types of Steel Strapping Seals Used With Steel Strapping in Delaware

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Metals

You might have recently passed a street sign or looked up at a street light while waiting for the light to turn green. You may not have paid any notice to how these signs or street lights are securely fixed in place. Steel strapping or steel banding is used to secure these objects you see every day. Along with stainless steel strapping and banding material, steel strapping seals are also used together with the straps to secure these objects. Here are 2 types of steel strapping seals used in a variety of applications.

Wing Type

The wing-type steel strapping seal is a type of seal that is utilized when securing cargo, securing pipes, and other heavy objects. As its name suggests, this type of steel strapping seal uses wing-like brackets and are hammered or pushed into place to secure and complete the steel strapping installation.

Heavy Duty Closed Type

Another type of steel strapping seals that are used throughout several industries are the heavy duty closed type seals. These types of seals resemble and take the shape similar to staples but are broader and longer in length and width. This type of seal will also secure various types of heavy materials or objects.

High Quality

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