Keep Your Wardrobe in Order with Customized Clothing Labels and Tags

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Labels

There may be few things more annoying in doing laundry than taking a load out of the dryer, then trying to remember or determine the wearer of many laundry items (especially with children of similar ages). The best way to make sorting all the more organized is to insert clothing labels in each laundry item.

Clothing labels can be customized, and are very quick and easy to apply to garments. And these labels have been used on non-apparel items, such as sporting equipment, food containers, and other items that would benefit from clear and present “ownership”.

Labels are 100% microwave, dishwasher, and laundry safe, so they essentially can be used on most any items. Coming in a wide variety of styles, colors, and shapes, selections can suit anyone’s tastes and preferences. Fully machine washable, stickers are durable and waterproof, taking on all elements with no problem. There should be no problem with the label lasting the lifetime of the article they’re applied to.

It may not be such a problem coordinating clothing and other items at home. But when the student is sent off to school or camp, that can be another story altogether. Many similar items may come together in the same place, often causing confusion when items are approached to be picked up. Labels will make this process of getting the right things simple, quick, and easy.

In addition to labels, check out shoe labels and zipper tage of all sizes and shapes. This makes identification really quick and easy. For more information, contact Label Daddy at You can also connect them on Facebook.

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