What to Include on Name Labels for Clothes

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Labels

Parents often find it easier to apply name labels for clothes to ensure their children always know what belongs to them. It increases the chances they will return with the items they took along. When ordering your name labels, you should include essential information.

Your Child’s Name

Your child’s name is the most critical component of name labels for clothes. It tells your child that the item belongs to them and reminds them not to forget it. Some parents put their child’s first name, while others include their full name. The choice is yours, but keep safety in mind when deciding which option is best.

Contact Information

For general use, you don’t need to include contact information on name labels for clothes. However, if your child is taking items to camp, adding a phone number or email address can expedite returns if the item is lost. If you include this information on the tags, place them in an inconspicuous place to prevent the data from getting into the wrong hands.

Essential Details

Special needs children can’t always communicate what they need. If your child has special needs, such as allergies or another requirement they can’t verbalize, you can include that information on name labels for clothes. Parents of special needs children often need to get creative; these labels are a convenient way to share information.

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