Excellence in Charter School Elementary Education in Arizona

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Education

Early childhood education is on many parents’ minds today, and rightly so. Struggling to give children a “normal” education during the pandemic was not just challenging. It was, in some respects, impossible. Polls conducted in 2017 found parents and guardians sought five things in the education of their children:

  1. More and equitable funding
  1. Rigorous academics
  1. Career and technical education
  1. Technology
  1. Preparation for postsecondary education goals

These concerns are as relevant today as they were before the pandemic. Now, however, parents have options to send their children to physical or virtual classrooms. Parents ask themselves, “Where are second grade schools near me in Arizona?”

A Quality Education

The curriculum parents want, need, and seek must meet or exceed Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards. In particular, a second grade curriculum needs to include:

English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency goals

Math literacy in areas of counting, computing, number relationships, and more

Basic understanding of science and elementary physics concepts

Knowledge of the social sciences in multiple areas of concentration

Don’t just ask, “Where are the best second grade schools near me in Arizona? Call (623) 556-2179 for the answer.

Virtual Instruction and Alternatives to Traditional Schooling

Many parents want the availability of using online courses for second graders. Free online learning for 2nd graders provides full-time, tuition-free classes with access to certified teachers to provide instruction and support in Arizona.

Independent study is another alternative to classroom instruction. Students prosper from a course of study geared toward their strengths and needs.

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