Unique Flower Arrangements Miami FL

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Exhibit Business

In the Sunshine State there is no shortage of uniqueness, whether it’s burkas and thongs on the beaches, spicy ethnic foods from Cuba, the Caribbean, and Latin countries, or the gorgeous tropical flowers that are found in no other area of the United States. So it’s no surprise that the most unique flower arrangements that Miami, FL, has to offer are created in this one-of-a-kind setting.

Using exotic bird-of-paradise flowers, delicate orchids, lush lilies, and creative accents make all of the difference between sending a standard arrangement or really capturing the essence of the receiver. There are some fabulous places to gather ideas for yourself or to help describe what you want to a professional florist. Input from family and friends is invaluable in creating an arrangement that speaks to family about the much-loved characteristics of their loved one.

The unique flower arrangements in Miami, FL, offers contain accents that complement the flowers, things like teak woods, elegant pitchers and cut crystal bowls, and even picture frames, barbecue tongs, golf balls, and tees — anything that depicts the person for which the arrangement is being crafted. This also means thinking outside of the normal carnations and stems and baby’s breath and reaching into the realms of stand-up supports like tripods, grills, and tennis racquets. Wrapped arrangements are anchored with raffia, twine, or even fabrics instead of the long-used bows of old. Today, sentimental brooches, pearls, and costume jewelry can bring the sparkle and whimsy customers are looking for while adding an elegant touch to arrangements.

Personalization could be as simple as using Dad’s favorite tie as the binding or Grandmother’s button collection to cover the vase. These touches make the flower arrangement more personal and exclusive to your friend or loved one. They show the true friendship and relationship you both enjoyed in a new and unusual light.

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