Top Three Tools To Help You Decide if Solar is Right For Your Connecticut Home

by | May 19, 2020 | Solar Panels

For many Connecticut residents, high electric bills have become the norm. For this reason, solar has been an area of high interest throughout the state. Green Power Energy has helped many Connecticuters accomplish their solar-energy goals. However, every property is different.

We want our customers to make informed decisions and feel confident in their path to solar energy. Therefore, we’re going to share three of the best available tools out there for all solar-interested residents of Connecticut.

Google’s Project Sunroof

We’ve all heard of Google but few of us have heard of Google’s Project Sunroof. Project Sunroof is a solar power initiative started by Google engineer Carl Elkin. The initiative’s stated purpose is “mapping the planet’s solar potential, one roof at a time.”

Established in 2015, Project Solar works to help property owners around the country realize their solar-energy goals. Using data from Google Maps, Project Sunroof calculates shadows from nearby structures and trees. In addition, historical weather and temperature patterns are calculated into the equation. 

Using Project Sunroof is easy. Connecticuters simply need to visit Project Sunroof’s website and enter their property’s address. For a fun example, we’ll use tourist-attraction Lake Compounce. After entering the address, Project Sunroof provides users with information such as $23,000 in estimated net savings over 20 years, 1,387 hours of usable sunlight annually, and that Lake Compounce has 8,069 square feet available for solar panels. 


While Project Sunroof is an excellent tool, some addresses haven’t been entered into their database. In this regard, SunCalc can provide some of the missing data.

Suncalc helps property owners get vital details on sun movement and sunlight phase at given times and locations. While SunCalc is a bit more advanced, the information it provides is extensive. Users simply need to enter a date and address for information on daylight duration, culmination, shadow length, elevation, and much more. 

ILSR’s Ultimate Solar Calculator

The Institute For Local Self-Reliance’s (ISLR) Ultimate Solar Calculator is a blend of both Project Sunroof and SunCalc. ISLR’s primary goal is to help you calculate the value of your solar investment. 

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Ultimate Solar Calculator is your ability to enter customized information. Users are able to input annual usage, system size, cost per watt, net metering rates, leasing information, and more. 

The Ultimate Solar Calculator will then provide you with statistics on estimated solar investment net present value on multiple terms. Like SunCalc, this is an advanced tool. While the data entry may be overwhelming, it’s a very good starting point to direct users as to where they may need to do more research. 

You’re Not Alone

At the end of the day, Green Power Energy is your partner in navigating through your decision-making process. For assistance in determining what your perfect solar power system should look like, reach out to one of our solar consultants today and learn more.

Visit Green Power Energy today for more information.

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