Steps to Take Before Visiting Texas Wineries

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Wine Store

Texas is a great place for visiting a large variety of wineries. The winery scene in Texas may not be as well-known as some popular places, but there is plenty to see and do. However, before you take off on your trip to some of the vineyards in the area, there are a few things you want to do first. If you have never gone to a wine tasting, this list will help you make sure you are ready to go.

Do Some Research

With vineyards all over the place, it’s important to decide where you plan to visit on your tour. You should choose diverse options with some newer and some older wineries. Think about your own preferences, as well. If you love fruit wines, call and find out which wineries offer that. If you aren’t sure what your favorite flavor is, try a few wineries with different options so you get a chance to try the options available out there.

Plan No More Than Five Stops

When you’re deciding which wineries to visit, plan a few stops each day. Whether you are with one other person or a whole group, three to give wineries should be sufficient to fill your day. Make sure to consider the amount of time you will be traveling and add a little time for any shopping. You’re likely to find each winery in Texas that you visit will have a gift shop to browse.

Consider Season of the Year

The time of the year that you take your trip will impact how busy the wineries are. Most of them will be the busiest in the fall and the summer. If you plan to go during those times, it’s best to start out earlier in the day so you beat the rush in the afternoon. If you want more contact with the staff, consider going in the spring or during the winter.

Bring Along a Box

Whether you are a huge fan of wine or not, you may find that you want to bring home a few bottles from the tastings you take part in. That’s why you should always bring along a box to hold your wines. If you don’t do so, you might end up with wines rolling around in the back seat. Just grab a cardboard box, it doesn’t have to be fancy.

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