Signs a Window Screen Replacement Has Been Long Overdue

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Cleaning

Home maintenance means staying on top of a lot of things. This includes checking the condition of your window screens every so often. Think you need to start shopping around for a replacement? Here are a few signs that one is already long overdue:

Holes in the screen

Small holes can still be repaired and patched up. However, the results aren’t going to look pretty, though, says the Family Handyman. If you have massive tears or holes or across the screen, though, that could mean one thing: that your screens are already beyond repair and you’ll need to start thinking about hiring a window screen replacement service in Danville instead.

Wear and tear

Exposure to wind, sun, heat and rain all take a toll on your screens. If yours are looking rough, take that as a sign that it’s time to start looking round for a replacement. You might also want to ask pros for help on picking the next one.

Old age

Screens come with an age limit. Like most things, they’re going to last for only so long. If you’ve had those screens for more than 10 or even 15 years now, then it’s probably safe to say that it’s time to get a replacement. Your windows will surely benefit from the addition of new screens.

Ugly patches

Patching up those holes won’t be a pretty solution. If you want your screens to look as professional as possible, though, you might want to opt for a window screen replacement service in Danville instead. Replacing the entire screen also means you can expect the screen to perform longer and better instead of having to make do with more cringe-inducing patches in the future.

If you run into any of these problems, just look for pros to replace your screens and get you out of this bind.

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