Services to Get at a Professional Hair Salon near me in Plano, TX

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Beauty Salon

When you want to look and feel better about yourself, you may decide to completely redo your personal style. You want to transform the look that you have always had and go for something that might be entirely different than what you wore in the past.

To help you get the new look that you want, you can enlist the help of stylists who can create one for you. You can find them when you make an appointment at a professional hair salon near me where you live.

Stylish Hair Cuts

When you have always worn long hair, you may be ready to chop some of it off and sport something shorter and more chic. The stylist that works on your hair at the salon can advise you on how short to cut your hair. He or she can recommend a cut that will complement your face shape and help you get a look that makes you look your best.

Nail Services

Along with getting your hair cut, you also may want your nails to be shaped and polished. You may even want acrylic nails put on to get an upscale look for a special occasion.

These services are some that you can find at a professional hair salon near me in your area. You can find out what other services are available online. Contact The Evelyn Kershaw Salon by going to to make an appointment.

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