Sales and Installations of Elevators

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Small Business

There are many types and sizes of elevators, so getting the right system for the needs and usage of any home or building is important. High-quality elevators and equipment are the best investment because they will last a long time and withstand heavy use. A lower quality product may cost less initially, but will cost more to operate due to higher energy costs, possible frequent repairs, and early replacement. Manufacturers, such as Smartrise, Bostock Snap Cabs, Imperial, and ELSCO (Elevator Safety Company), provide high quality that will last, operate energy-efficiently, and be more cost-effective overall.

Help selecting the right type of elevator for residential or commercial needs is part of the services provided by Elevator Technologies Inc. Whether an elevator is needed for new construction, replacement, or renovation, experienced professionals can advise customers based on their needs. A residential elevator for an existing home will need to be fitted to suit the available space. A small building, for example, may not need an elevator with a large capacity. A smaller system will suit the needs and the space. A large facility, such as a medical hospital, will need bigger elevators in the lobby, and also heavy duty freight elevators for equipment, laundry, and food carts. An estimate will be provided, and professional installation will ensure the system is safe and secure. Schedules for installation can be made to accommodate the construction schedule or the needs of the business in the case of replacements and renovations. Customers can visit the website for information regarding all manufacturers used and schedule a consultation.

In addition to sales and installations, Elevator Technologies Inc. also provides repairs and maintenance for elevators. Emergency repairs 24/7 are also offered. Maintenance contracts can save businesses money and time while keeping elevators in proper working order. Preventative maintenance covers cabs, doors, shaft, motors, interiors, and controls. Maintenance can also alert building managers to minor repairs that need to be completed. That keeps issues from becoming major, which can cost more money for repairs, or result in an elevator breaking down. A contract also means maintenance will not be forgotten, because it will be scheduled in advance.

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