How Are Independent Christian Churches Different From Any Other Conventional Churches?

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Religion

People who just walk into an independent Christian church in Jacksonville may not know what to expect. However, when you pay close attention, it’s easy to see how it differs from any other conventional Christian churches. But just because there are differences don’t mean an independent Christian church is any worse or better than any other church.

Independent churches still preach the Word of God, but some of the approaches are different. Some people agree with the approaches, while others are hesitant. Either way, the goal of an independent Christian church is to restore biblical authority and Christianity in general.

Preaches Unity Instead of Division

The main difference between an independent Christian church and other churches is there are no allegiances except to God Himself. Preachers will preach unity to Christians as a whole, rather than create different denominations. As a result, independent Christian churches believe separating people into denominations only damages unification. By identifying themselves as a Christian only church, unity is maintained instead of divided.

Reaching Salvation

Independent Christian churches also have slightly different views on how to reach salvation. There are four general steps to reaching salvation, including being baptized, belief in God, repentance and confession. This goes against conventional churches since salvation is relied upon specific actions rather than faith itself.

Baptism is generally recognized as a sign of salvation in conventional churches. However, in independent Christian churches, it is just one step in the journey to reaching salvation. There is definitely some controversy surrounding this topic, among other issues, between independent Christian churches and conventional churches. But that is what makes them unique from one another.

To gain more knowledge about independent Christian churches in Jacksonville and how they differ from other conventional churches, visit the Southpoint Community Church website or call 904-281-1188.

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