How Heat Press Transfers are Bringing Back Customization

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Business

Heat press transfers, a tremendously popular way of customizing clothing and accessories, have been around for a long time. This technique not only still exists, but is enjoying a surge of renewed popularity among casual customers and corporate clients alike who are looking for affordable and effective marketing techniques. The renaissance of iron-on heat transfers is here, and has come with a wealth of reasons to choose this technique for your apparel design needs.

Why Choose Iron-On Designs?

There are many benefits to choosing heat press transfers as an avenue to designing promotional garments for your business. Some of these include:

  • Versatility. Almost anything you can expose to a hot iron can receive heat transfer designs, and therefore can be used as promotional material.
  • Customization. Unlike screen printed designs, ones created with heat transfers are fully customizable, up to and including the orientation of the image, text and other components.
  • Ease of use. Almost anyone who can operate a traditional, handheld iron can learn to apply a heat transfer design.

Getting the Most for Your Money

Just because heat press transfers are easy to work with, it does not mean you should trust their design to just anyone. The image you present to customers is important, so choosing a custom designer of heat transfer imagery is equally as important. Look for a company that has experience in both artistic design – image creation and customization – as well as garment creation, whether that is traditional screen printing, embroidery or other techniques. You can find out just how reputable a company is by examining their reviews and seeing what others are saying about their work!

Finding a business that understands your needs and can meet them within your budget is a must. Go into your consultation with a clear image in mind, a budget at hand, and an expectation of quality. You will be surprised at what heat press transfers can do for you and your brand!

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