Funeral Home Services in Oakland, CA Help Families After the Loss of a Loved One

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Funeral Services

One of the most difficult things that families must handle is the passing of a loved one. Making funeral arrangements is a hard process and one that can cause further stress to grieving loved ones. Luckily, funeral homes are available to help make this challenging time easier and less stressful for loved ones. Funeral Home Services Oakland, CA will help with the planning of memorial services and final resting places to allow families to grieve in peace.

Funeral homes specialize in helping their clients plan the most appropriate funeral, memorial or celebration of life service possible for this departed loved ones. By doing so, funeral homes take a great deal of burden off of families during this difficult time. Arrangements can be made for nearly any type of end of life celebration to best fit the wishes of loved ones and the deceased. If the deceased did not specify any wishes for the funeral, the professionals at Funeral Home Services Oakland, CA will help guide families through the process to best arrange an suitable service. Services can be held at funeral homes, outdoors or in nearly any location to make families feel comfortable and honor their loved ones in the best way possible.

One of the most difficult choices for many families is how to lay their loved ones to rest. While many prefer to be buried in a traditional casket and cemetery, some would prefer cremation for a number of reasons. Cremation is typically much less expensive than a burial, especially when the cost of the casket and a burial plot is considered. Additionally, cremation allows for a range of options with the remains. Some families prefer to keep their loved ones’ ashes in urns in their homes or buried on their own properties, while others will spread ashes outdoors or inter them into mausoleums or traditional cemeteries. With burial, the casket must be placed in either public or private cemeteries. The choice for how to handle remains depends on a number of factors including religious beliefs, budget and more.

Losing a loved one is always a difficult time for families, but with the help of funeral homes, the process can be much easier. The choice for burial arrangements, caskets or urns, or funeral services lies with the family, but funeral home professionals will help guide grieving families into making the best choice. Visit Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum for help arranging end of life services and more.

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