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by | Nov 9, 2022 | Security

Want to know what crooks hate? Smart home and business security systems that are designed to catch burglars and trespassers before they even get close to your property. With any home and business security company Louisville KY services, you should be aware of the latest features for security so you get the top system for your home or business. The latest smart security features include wireless cameras, motion sensors with high distance detection, remote access, 24/7 monitoring, and a few other anti-theft protections for your windows and doors.

The Smart Camera

The latest home and business security systems have cameras installed in several areas outside and inside the home. You can capture video feed with audio, and the picture is in high definition. With smart home features, you can actually few the feed and see recordings of any activity from your smartphone.

There are also doorbell cameras that you can tap into from your phone, tablet, or web browser. This lets you see who has come to the door at any given time, and you can even answer the door remotely to speak to people who may be trespassing or lingering around your home.

Don’t Get Ripped Off

Many security companies today are not offering the same alarm systems and cameras that have smart features or 24/7 monitoring. Before you sign any contract, ask about monitoring and response times. You should also ask if the monitoring is UL approved and comes with any other detection, such as fire or gas detection.

There may be equipment costs. Some companies offer free equipment with purchase of monitoring. You should be careful that the monitoring cost does not exceed the cost of the equipment per month. You may be getting ripped off by higher monitoring fees.

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