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Steel strapping seals that are fully galvanized are essential for bundling and packaging where strength and negligible stretch is required. These quality strapping seals meet the highest standards to ensure superior strapping solutions for banding heavy loads.

Use Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is used to bundle and secure the packaging of various products during storage or transportation. Steel strapping comes in various steel products such as:

• Stainless steel strapping

• Galvanized steel strapping

• Organic/painted steel strapping

• Government grade steel strapping

• Steel strapping pony coils

Steel strapping is popular for bundling large, heavy items. The strapping binds the product items together during transportation protecting against breakage and loss. The use of strapping seals secures the strapping best when the seals are made of quality galvanized steel and applied with the use of one of two main types of strapping tools:

• Hand-held tools

• Strapping machines

Steel Strapping Seals

Using an assortment of steel alloys ensures the strapping has the highest break strength as compared to other materials. The availability of different types of seals guarantees proper application. Seals that can be made to fit your requirements include:

• Regular duty open seals

• Regular duty overlap seals

• Heavy duty semi open seals

• Heavy duty closed seals

• Heavy duty overlap seals

• And more

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