See What Custom Rotational Molding in Alberta Can Do for Your Business

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Business

The rotational molding process can prove beneficial when creating spill containment products, portable toilets, sleds, ice fishing shacks, storage bins, and so much more.

With custom rotational molding in Alberta through Koenders MFG, you can have your molding needs met to the smallest detail. Even better, it is a cost-effective way to produce the most effective products.

The Benefits of Molded Products

What can you come to expect from custom rotational molding in Alberta? For starters, it results in seamless parts, all of which have a uniform wall thickness. There is more material to absorb shock and stress, preventing breakage.

It is also capable of lowering costs because of the ability to stand up to the high pressure that injection molding involves. Tooling costs are also lower because there are changes that can be made to the mold itself.

Custom Design

Another aspect of custom rotational molding in Alberta is being able to create custom molded-in threads, flanges, metal inserts, and contours right into the walls. The plastic used is also substantially lighter than using businefiberglass or any kind of metal.

There are a ton of reasons to invest in custom rotational molding. If you want something that will be corrosion-resistant and hold up for a long time, rotational molding is the way to go. See what custom rotational molding can do for your business today.

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