Differentiating Commodity and Speciality Chemical Suppliers

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Business

The market for chemicals remains strong. Industries continue to work with commodity and speciality chemical suppliers to provide the right type of lubricity agents, viscosity modifiers and detergent packages needed to satisfy the demands of various applications. While these materials may service similar concerns, they are different in their focus, purpose and processing.

Commodity Chemicals

Commodity chemical suppliers produce materials for broad use. They are multi-purpose. The manufacturing process is similar across the board. This is not singular production but mass marketing.

Specialty Chemicals

Speciality chemical suppliers are materials manufactured with one specific purpose in mind. Whether it is a single chemical or a formulated combination, the formula is selected based on the perceived performance goal. The process is individualized as it is intended to meet the desired formulation of chemical combinations to achieve a specific goal. This is “batch” processing – the production of small amounts of a specific specialty chemical to fulfill the obligations of a special request from a customer.

The entire process from research to development and then production requires time, effort and active intelligence. The product must be designed to fulfill its stated function. It also needs to be both effective at what it does and pure in its formulated result.

Commodity and Speciality Chemical Suppliers

There is a need for both commodity and specialty chemicals. The market for the production of both continues to grow. However, with the redefining and refining of specific goals, the demand for specialty chemicals is growing at a faster pace.

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