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Finding an Experienced Arborist for Your Trees in Washington

A well-maintained tree can add beauty to a yard. But a neglected tree can bring problems to a property. Whether you have a pine or a fruit-producing tree, consider a

tree service in Gig Harbor, WA. An arborist can improve the condition of your tree.

Pruning Services

Has your tree not been pruned in a long time? Is your tree no longer producing fruit like before? If yes, seek a tree service in Gig Harbor, WA.

An experienced arborist can inspect your tree. If your tree needs pruning, the arborist can remove both dead and sick branches. Sick limbs or branches should be removed, for they can infect the rest of your tree. Other plants in your property can also be affected. Furthermore, a canopy that is not crowded with branches can have more access to sunlight. And trees need sunlight in order to grow healthy and strong.

Tree Removal Services

Is your tree leaning excessively? Does your tree feel hollow on the inside? If yes, then your tree may need to be removed. A tree that has severe structural issues can fall on your property can cause a lot of damage. A dead tree will also no longer produce fruit or leaves. Request a tree service in Gig Harbor, WA. A professional can evaluate the health of your tree. If it needs to be removed, he can remove it by using special equipment. There are also stump grinding services. Thus, the arborist can remove the stump in your yard with a grinder. The leftover material will be used to cover the hole. You can also use the waste on your garden. There are also emergency services. Contact for more information.

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