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3 Reasons a Virtual Keynote Speaker Is the Best for Your Organization

Do you need a keynote speaker to offer valuable insights, inspiration, expertise and motivation at a wellness retreat, company retreat or other large events? Below are three reasons why a virtual keynote speaker is the best.


Inviting a keynote speaker has always been expensive because of the associated costs. You must cater for their meals, accommodation, travel and other expenses. Hosting a virtual motivational speaker for employees requires much less, enabling your organization to save more. Due to fewer associated costs, small organizations can now afford keynote speakers that are well outside their reach and stay within their usual budgets.

Inspiration, Expertise and Motivation

A motivational speech, insight, or inspiring story from an unfamiliar expert hits differently than the usual boring speeches your employees are used to. A virtual keynote speaker backed by years of experience can create an effective strategy to inspire and motivate your staff concerning corporate matters. Keynote speakers can also teach resourceful and creative problem-solving perspectives and approaches based on their expertise.

Effective Delivery and Approach

A virtual motivational speaker for employees has the right tools and production studio. They can combine video, text, relevant sounds, and other interactive elements to create an immersive experience for corporate staff. This makes it hard for the audience to miss a point. Furthermore, they can incorporate quizzes and polls on everyone’s screen. This real-time feedback mode enables the virtual speaker to adjust and customize their speeches for effective delivery.

A virtual keynote speaker can inject inspiration, motivation and passion to fuel personal and professional growth in you and your staff. Visit and invite Ryan Berman, an experience motivational speaker, to you event.

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