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Catholic Funeral Rites & Traditions for Funeral Home Services in Southfield

Funerals are a significant part of Christian traditions. They help family and friends commemorate the lives of loved ones gone before us with the hope of resurrection and the promise of eternal life. Funeral rites allow Christians to praise, worship, and thank God for the life that has now returned to Him as the journey of healing, acknowledgment, and acceptance begins. Funeral home services in Southfield would be an option to consider.

Catholic Funeral Rites & Traditions

The Church has the Order of Christian Funerals, which entails three distinct rites. These funeral rituals help the family, friends, and the community cope with loss and grief as they celebrate the life of a treasured loved one while focusing on the hope of resurrection in Christ and the promise of everlasting life.

The three funeral rites in the Order of Christian Funerals include:

  1. Vigil & Visitation

The Vigil is the first service held the day or night before the funeral mass. The service allows family, friends, and the community to gather, discuss, pray, sing, remember, and acknowledge the passing of a loved one. The celebration and remembrance can be at home, the funeral home, or the parish church.

  1. Funeral Mass/Liturgy

The Funeral Mass is a solemn moment where family and friends gather in a church as they remember the life of a loved one, from baptism to redemption. The gathering reaffirms that life is eternal while focusing on the hope of resurrection in Christ. The Funeral Liturgy is a memorial of Christ’s sacrifice.

  1. Committal

The Committal Rite is the last service before interment at the final resting place at the cemetery. It brings family and friends to the finality of the fact we’ve passed to eternal life. It guides the bereaved family and friends in the trying process of letting go. Funeral directors are ready to assist families through these final aspects of the funeral.

Significance of Pre-Arranging End-of-Life Services

Funerals can leave bereaved families financially and emotionally stressed. Family and friends seeking affordable funeral home services in Southfield can contact Holy Sepulchre Cemetery for immediate help. Pre-arranging end-of-life service can also remove the burden from loved ones left behind. It locks in today’s prices, making cemetery and burial plans more affordable. Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS) offers interest-free and flexible financing options for those who want to pre-arrange end-of-life services.

Contact CFCS for Flexible and Affordable Funeral Home Services

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery a member of Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS) is ready to assist the community in providing their beloved ones who have passed a befitting send-off as they rest peacefully with the promise of eternal life. Contact Holy Sepulchre Cemetery for flexible and affordable funeral home services in Southfield.

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