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Expensive Rugs Require Very Particular Cleaning Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Expensive throw rugs such as Persian rugs and Navajo rugs require very special care. You can’t just hire a carpet cleaning service to clean these rugs or they will be ruined. You need to hire a special rug cleaning service in Scottsdale, AZ.

Clean Onsite, or Roll up and Wash Offsite

Most consumers prefer that their expensive rugs not leave their site when cleaned. Some customers trust a rug cleaning service in Scottsdale, AZ to roll up and remove the rugs to clean them better back at the shop. It’s a personal preference with personal reasons, but the service is flexible, and the company doesn’t mind doing it either way.

Very Gentle Cleaning Agents

To preserve the colors and patterns of your rug investments, great care is taken to use only the gentlest of cleaning agents. Bleach is never used, and machine cleaning (i.e., washing machine) is out of the question. Rugs are also hung and air-dried after all of the rinse water has been removed. If there’s any damage to the rug before it is cleaned, that is noted upon intake or the start of the cleaning process. Owners are immediately notified of damage before cleaning begins.

Treatments for Stains

In the event the rug has a stain that can’t be removed, customers are notified. It’s in the best interest of the owner to contact the rug creator to ask how a stain might be treated and make a decision about the stain going forward. If you would like your rug cleaned, contact European Couture Cleaners.

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