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A Guide to Help You Understand Propylene Glycol e-Liquid Before Buying in Europe

E-cigarettes are becoming more popular, with many smokers changing to vaping. The two main e-cigarette liquids are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetative glycerine (VG).

However, propylene glycol e liquid is more commonly used than vegetative glycerine because of its stronger throat hit. It is a colorless and odorless petroleum by-product used in other industries since the 1950s.

How It Works

PG is a base for numerous e-liquids and helps form vapor when the vaping device is heated. E-cigarette sellers mix it with different colors, flavors, and nicotine for the desired smoking experience. The nicotine levels vary depending on your preferences and smoking needs.

Selles mostly mix it with VG in different ratios, creating an e-liquid with more benefits and better consistency. Most people prefer a 50:50 ratio because it has the most balanced, optimum experience.

Key PG Characteristics

  • Thinner consistency– PG is thinner than VG, with a consistency almost similar to water. While that might disadvantage some users, it reduces the rate at which PG forms gunk in your vaping kit.
  • A stronger throat hit– This makes PG preferable for smokers. It is also good if you want to quit smoking when mixed with low nicotine levels because it delivers a smoking feeling without the severe effects. It, however, dries your mouth and through faster.
  • Less vapor– PG’s low density and viscosity produce less vapor clouds than VG, making it suitable for public use.
  • Faster wick absorption– PG’s lower viscosity makes it wick coils faster because the cotton buds absorb it more quickly.
  • High allergy risk– Some people have PG sensitivities, and it can cause reactions ranging from minor tingling sensations in the throat to unbearable burning and scratching sensations.

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