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Using cameras for security surveillance brings peace of mind. Security surveillance in Louisville KY, commonly called video surveillance, allows you to leave for any reason while monitoring and recording the activities in and around your home.

There are many different cameras to use for security Camera in Louisville KY. Some are large and very visible, the type that may deter a burglar from attempting to break in; others are small and designed to be hidden.

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera is a great option for video surveillance. Installing a CCTV camera in a baby’s room, for instance, can ease parents’ worries. A CCTV camera trained on the front of your house will alert you to anyone approaching or can even catch a burglar in the process of breaking into your home.

For effective security Camera in Louisville KY, the number and location of the cameras is the first order of priority. If your need is just in one room, then a simple system will suffice. However, if you wish to monitor outdoors or your whole house, then a more complex system is needed.

Security Camera can make use of either wired or wireless cameras. Wired cameras may prove to be more challenging to install, and the wires may deny you the ability to be discreet. Wireless cameras are much easier to install and to camouflage, but as the signal travels through air, the signal quality will not be as good as through a wire. Transient noise from cell phones, cordless phones, and wireless internet networks can also interfere with wireless cameras. A wireless network can also be hacked, another receiving station can intercept the signal.

The idea of security camera in Louisville KY is to protect your home from intruders; it is of no value if the intruder also can watch the activity in and around your home. Make sure the wireless CCTV camera you purchase has an encrypted signal.

Before installing security camera, check to see if there are any legal bans to video recording, as it may be necessary to alert people with postings that they are being recorded. Recording a telephone conversation without the other parties’ knowledge is illegal. Your state may also bar video recording without a fair warning. For more information, contact Sonitrol KY or visit their website at

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