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Understanding Your Options When it Comes to Funerals in Willoughby

When it comes to planning funerals in Willoughby, OH, you have several decisions to make. In addition to choosing the type of funeral you’d like, you have many options to choose from within each category of funeral type. Use the following information as an introduction to what you can expect while planning a funeral or cremation in Mentor, OH.

Traditional Funerals

Many people choose to have a traditional funeral. This is a service where a pastor is invited in to speak about the deceased’s life. The casket is placed at the front of the room and surrounded by the flowers that friends and family have sent. You can choose to have an open or closed casket.


When you choose cremation in Mentor, OH, you can still have the traditional funeral service, but instead of a casket as the focal point, you will have the cremated remains placed in an urn. Typically, a picture of the deceased is placed next to the urn on a pedestal.

A Celebration of Life

Many people are choosing to have a celebration of life instead of the typical funeral. The celebration of life doesn’t necessarily mean a party. Rather than a solemn service with a pastor and others speaking, it is simply a gathering of friends and family.

Having a little knowledge of what to expect will help you plan funerals in Willoughby, OH. When the time comes, visit Monreal Funeral Home – Monreal Srnick Funerals & Cremation to get started.

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