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Do You Need Pool Cage Screen Repair in Fort Myers FL or Replacement?

Although strong, pool cage screens don’t last forever. Subject to the ravages of the natural elements and common targets for birds, insects, and four-legged critters, these structures can sustain significant wear throughout the years. If you’re wondering whether to fix or replace yours, the following are several ways to know if you need pool cage screen repair in Fort Myers FL or replacement.

Ripped and Torn Areas

If you catch and address minor rips in your pool cage screen early on, it should be possible to repair them. However, these openings create viable points of ingress for pests, and their in-and-out activities are bound to make them larger over time. Having patches installed right away will definitely cut your spending.

Paint That Looks Worse for the Wear

Although flaking and peeling paint is primarily an aesthetic issue, it could have a long-term impact on the integrity of the cage frame. When frames aren’t built with corrosion-resistant materials, the loss of protective paint coverings results in corrosion-related damage. You should have your pool cage frame repainted once every five to 10 years. To make sure that this is never overlooked, it’s often best to schedule these services at the same time as essential screen repairs.

The Screen Has Separated From the Frame

Minor separation from the pool cage doesn’t render a screen unfixable. However, if large sections are both loose and damaged, it may be best to schedule replacement. For top-rated pool cage screen repair in Fort Myers FL, contact Senor Screen, LLC.

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