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Homes That Are Hard to Insure with Home Insurance in Palmetto Bay

Most homeowners find getting home insurance in Palmetto Bay is simple. Not all houses or homeowners, meanwhile, are simple to insure. The reasons these properties are difficult to insure with a company such as Del Toro Insurance will be discussed below.

Non-Payment History

If you have a past of not paying your insurance premiums, it will probably be hard for you to get your home insured. Some insurance companies won’t cover anyone whose policy was canceled because they didn’t pay, while others are more flexible. You might only have a few ways to pay and be asked why you couldn’t pay when getting a home insurance quote.

Numerous Claims

If you have made a lot of claims on your home, it may be hard to get home insurance in Palmetto Bay. Insurance companies see your home as “risky” and likely to have another claim. Many insurance companies won’t cover your home if you have an open claim on it, so make sure all claims are closed before you look for home insurance. If you’ve had more than one claim, especially if they were big and recent, you can expect to pay higher premiums and maybe have less coverage for your house.

Coverage Gaps

A gap in insurance coverage occurs when someone hasn’t had home insurance for a while. Someone with a coverage gap may be viewed as being more dangerous to insure by insurance providers. The likelihood of having trouble obtaining house insurance increases with the length of the delay.

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