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Kinetic Wind Sculptures Create Interesting Focal Points in Your Yard

Metal wind sculptures are a source of fascination for many people. The artists that make them have to design them in such a way that the parts all move without crashing into each other. It’s a fine dance of movement and color that not many other yard decorations provide. Kinetic metal wind sculptures with lots of added colors in their designs can be quite mesmerizing additions to your yard.

All the Moving Parts

Just looking at kinetic metal wind sculptures, you might assume that only an engineer could design them. While that’s not a bad assumption, many of the artists that make such sculptures have to rely on a trial-and-error process. They spend years trying to get the moving components to operate without striking each other. Then they spend hours choosing the right colors and patinas to make these sculptures as eye-catching as they are fascinating.

Not Painted

At first glance, the metal wind sculptures look like they are painted. The truth is, they are actually sent through a firing process with different agents to produce the colors. Sometimes an artist may use electroplating to produce the colors if he or she knows how to do that. That means that each and every one of these sculptures is unique and its flaws cannot be reproduced or copied.

All the colors are created and applied to separate individual pieces before the sculptures are fully assembled. No two sculptures are exactly alike. To see all of the sculptures produced by Mark White Fine Art of Sante Fe, NM contact them today.

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