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The Ideal Father’s Day Custom Mug Design

Finding something new and original to give Dad for Father’s Day can often seem impossible. However, if you choose a custom mug design that features a picture and adds your dad’s name or a short message, you have the perfect, unique, and practical gift.

Start with the Basics

A simple way to create a custom mug that even small children can do with the help of Mom or a family member is to begin with a pre-set design. Top companies that offer customized drinkware typically include a variety of themes that are ideal for dads and grandfathers, including fishing, golf, sports team logos, or even the word Dad already in the design.

Kids can choose their favorite photo of Dad or even upload a photo of their drawing or artwork to be placed within the design. The easy templates ensure that the image and any text will be in the ideal location on the mug.

Design Your Own

It is also possible to create your own custom mug. Start with a clear mug and upload a picture, add some text, and create the look you want.

With these personalized mugs, consider adding a travel lid, making the mug a practical gift for Dad to enjoy in the car, on the go, or indoors or outdoors around the house.

When choosing a mug, look for BPA-free plastic, shatterproof mugs for durability. Choosing a double wall design with the images and text printed on the interior wall of clear mugs keeps images vibrant and bright while eliminating scratches and dullness that comes with daily wear and tear.

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