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A Guide on How to Select the Best Online Horse Training Videos

Online training videos are becoming very popular as they offer convenient access to professional advice and guidance. They also offer an unlimited selection and flexibility in terms of scheduling time to watch from the comfort of your home.

When selecting the most appropriate online training videos for your horse, it is important to consider a variety of factors. These include the experience of the online trainer, video quality, production value, and the subscription fee for the trainer’s channel, among many others.

Consider the video clarity and production value

When selecting online videos, even for entertainment purposes, clarity is of utmost importance. This will ensure viewer satisfaction and reduce eye strain when watching the videos, and the same applies to horse training videos. You must select videos with the best clarity and excellent production value for a memorable learning experience.

Pay attention to the experience of the trainer

A trainer with years of experience and an expert in horse training has more knowledge and skill to share with their viewers. Moreover, at the end of their videos, they should have a question-and-answer forum where viewers can ask questions and interact with the trainer and their fellow equestrians.

Assess the clarity of the instructions given

For successful horse training classes online, the information relayed by the trainer must be well-described and put in simple terms for easier understanding. In addition, the trainer should have moderate speed when talking and performing practical skills to ensure the concept and instructions are easy to follow.

Evaluate the topics for discussion and their suitability

The best online horse training videos must have a variety of topics discussed. This may include riding techniques, groundwork exercises, and grooming routines, among others. This will provide a wealth of information and skills to help you improve your horsemanship.

The topics for discussion must match your specific needs. For instance, if you want to enhance your horse grooming technique, look for online training videos on horse grooming. This will limit your search to the topics of interest.


Online videos are an efficient and affordable way to gain the requisite knowledge and skills to train your horse. If you’re having difficulties selecting the best video for you and your horse, Happy Horse Happy Life is your go-to trainer. The organization has a dedicated YouTube channel with videos on a variety of topics for all your horse training needs.

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