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Veterinary Technology Alternate Route Ontario

Just in time when you need to advance your career in Veterinary Technology, Platt College introduces the veterinary technology alternate route in Ontario. The program is designed for Veterinary Technicians pursuing their RVT credential via the Route Ontario Veterinary Medical Board specified.

A Cutting-Edge Curriculum

By choosing to study this program at Platt College, Ontario, you are in direct line to success. Our curriculum meets all CA VMB Alternate Route continuing education requirements. Our institution also ensures that the students can interact one-on-one with experts who guide them in a deep understanding of animal anatomy, diagnostics, pharmacology, surgical techniques, and emergency care.

About the Veterinary Technology Alternate Route Program

The program is designed to be completed after six months of study. The student must have at least 4416 hours of practical experience from a California-licensed veterinarian during the study. The curriculum subjects of this program are prone to change at any time and without notice. During your studies, to qualify for the RVT examination, you have to verify your eligibility on your own since Platt College is not in a position to do so.


After studying the program for six months, you will be awarded a Veterinary Technical Certificate DE, as long as you meet all the financial obligations stated by Platt College. The courses in this program are either pass or fail. To pass a course and qualify for certification, you must achieve at least 70%.

Why Choose Platt College, Ontario

Besides our exquisite curriculum that equips students with the required knowledge of the veterinary industry, our college has a good reputation that will open doors for you. We are a licensed institution accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. We are transparent, and our school programs are available online and are shaped toward meeting career requirements.

Mentorship and Guidance

Not only do we provide our students with experts at hand, but we also provide them with free mentorship to pursue their profession. With our career services personnel that aim to build each student’s job-acquiring skills, we can produce graduates who become major contributors to the veterinary industry.

Career Opportunities for Veterinary Technology Alternate Route

With our well-designed program, we ensure that our graduates qualify for various job opportunities. By completing our program, you are ready to pursue your career in private clinics, hospitals, animal research institutions, animal shelters, and humane facilities organizations. Our program’s strong focus on compassion and diligence ensures that you are a skilled professional and a society advocate for animals’ well-being.

Advance Your Career and Grab Opportunities!

Why are you holding out? Join our Alternative Route Ontario program to build a better future for your career. At Platt College, we will give you practical personal experiences and outstanding knowledge that ensure you go pro as soon as you join the veterinary industry.

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