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A Brief Guide to Choose the Right Funeral Home in Antioch

Losing a loved one is an unfortunately inevitable life event. Planning for their funeral can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. The right funeral home can help manage grief and loss. The day-to-day operations of funeral homes are a mystery to many, which can make choosing the right funeral home in Antioch intimidating if you don’t know what exactly to look for. In this article, we share everything you need to know about finding a funeral home.

Step 1: Draft a budget

Before setting out to do anything, determine if the deceased left any after-life instructions or pre-paid arrangements. Meet with family and friends to establish how to best honor your kin. Once these needs have been detailed, you can draft a budget to guide the funeral home selection process.

Step 2: Choose the type of funeral

If the deceased has not communicated a preferred type of funeral, you can opt for any of three main offerings: direct cremation, direct burial, or a full-service funeral. Funeral homes have tailored their services to meet specific demands within these parameters. Be sure to explain your exact arrangement requirements to the funeral home.

Step 3: Inquire about the services offered

Funeral homes offer a variety of services. Most offer funeral services, help with completing paperwork for burials or cremations, experts to write and publish obituaries, reception services, body transportation, embalming or preparing bodies for viewing, purchasing products required for the service in question, body creation, and supervising funeral planning.

Once you determine which of these services you need, you can easily narrow down your search. If you’re in Antioch, Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services offers all of them at affordable rates.

Step 4: Get quotes and compare the prices

From the list of contacted funeral homes, request quotes specific to your funeral arrangement. Compare the quotes and determine the funeral home that best matches your specific needs. This process will help you narrow your list.

Step 5: Conduct a background check on the funeral homes

To ensure you reap maximum benefits from your search, read through the reviews of previous customers, if any exist. Be sure to comb through online and offline reviews to avoid any service-related surprises.

Step 6: Settle on a funeral home

Once you’ve evaluated all the information above, you can safely make a decision and contract a funeral home. Be sure to read the fine print in the contract before signing.


While choosing the right funeral home in Antioch can be challenging, especially so soon after the loss of a loved one, contacting the Holy Cross Cemetery & Funeral Center can help you secure great services that make the process just a bit easier.

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