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3 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Their First Swimming Lessons in Woodlake

Your kids are never too young for their first swim lessons in Woodlake, VA. Even a toddler can learn to swim with the right instructor and family support. You can help your child learn faster and adjust to swimming lessons by preparing them for that first experience.

Encourage Longer Baths

When your toddler is taking a bath, bring some toys into the tub with them. Encourage them to play in the water. This will help them get used to being in the water, and they will learn the fundamentals of moving around in the water. Help eliminate the fear of water by teaching your toddler to blow bubbles in the water and to submerge themselves.

Visit the Facility

You’ll eliminate most of your child’s fear by familiarizing them with the facility where the lessons will take place. Introduce your child to the instructor and tour the swimming area. They will feel more comfortable and confident when it’s time for their first lesson if it doesn’t involve walking into a strange place.

Stay for the First Lesson

While you don’t have to observe every one of your child’s swim lessons in Woodlake, VA, you should stay to watch the first one. Your child will feel more comfortable if you are present. Once they get to know the other kids in the class and experience that first lesson, they will feel more confident. At that time, you can let your child attend lessons alone.

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