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Private Branch Exchanges Integrate Multiple Services into a Single Package

Chances are that you’ve never heard of Grandstrem PBX technology, but it’s already powering plain old telephone service connections across the country. By combining POTS connectivity with conventional Internet Protocol packet switching, Grandstrem PBX devices unify all forms of business communication into a single network that’s easy to control. Video calls and packetized voice can be passed over one of these networks without the need for any specialized equipment.

Since Grandstrem PBX installations use the Internet for connectivity as opposed to the publicly switched telephone network, there aren’t any actual long-distance calls associated with its use. If you want to call someone in another country, then you can do so over your network telephony app of choice. Assuming that both ends have a sufficient amount of bandwidth, you’ll be able to complete the call over the Internet.

When you start to notice a serious drop in the quality of service, you’re always free to return to the PSTN in order to complete a call. On top of this, you can integrate everything from local public address systems to video surveillance cameras directly into your PBX box without having to invest in some sort of data controller.

All it takes to control any of these devices is a simple sequence starting with the pound or star keys found on nearly any standard dual-tone multi-frequency signaling pad. Some enthusiasts have even found ways to control their PBX from a rotary pulse dial phone, which should serve as dramatic evidence of just how flexible this technology is.

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