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What Determines the Value of Land for Sale in Lewis County, MO?

It’s pretty easy to figure out how much a house is worth. How long has it been there? Was it just recently fixed up? What part of town is it in? The list goes on, and an inspector can check off each box to figure out how much the house is worth. But how do you determine the value of land for sale in Lewis County, MO? Why is one plot three times as valuable as a similar-sized plot? Let’s find out.

Soil Quality

Once you know that the value of a piece of land depends on how good the soil is and what kind it is, you might think twice about the phrase “dirt cheap.” Loamy soil is often the best for growing plants because it is full of nutrients and has a lot of different layers.

Sandy dirt is hard to grow on and would be better for animals. The quality and growability of the dirt will not only affect how much the land is worth, but can also help you when looking at farms for sale in Lewis County, MO.


Location isn’t only important in the city, though it might be better to call this “proximity” when buying land for sale in Lewis County, MO. How far away is this land from the nearest town or city? For example, buying 500 acres near a growing town might be a good idea if you want to build houses. According to the experts at companies like LandProz Real Estate LLC, you can also fetch a higher price when selling it to a developer because it’s not in the middle of nothing.

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