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Top 3 Reasons to Work with a Funeral Celebrant

Working with a professional to plan your loved one’s funeral can make things much easier. Choosing that professional, though? That can be tricky, especially if your loved one or family is not religious.

Here’s why you might want to consider a funeral celebrant for that role – and how they can help your family breathe a little easier during this difficult time:

Relieving Your Family’s Stress

Planning a funeral or memorial service can be deeply upsetting. Your family is already dealing with loss. Adding the stress of planning and carrying out a service can make things even more unpleasant.

A funeral celebrant can help to relieve much of this stress. These professionals are experienced in choosing songs, poems, readings, and scriptures for funerals, and helping write eulogies. This can make preparing for and carrying out the memorial easier and less stressful for your entire family.

Personalizing Your Loved One’s Service

While no one knows your loved one like your family, commemorating them properly can be difficult and confusing. You may struggle to incorporate specific elements of their personality or preferences. Working with a funeral celebrant can help you make sense of these things and create the perfect, personalized service for your family. Your celebrant will get to know your family and your loved one through interviews and close collaboration to provide you with the personalized results you want.

Guiding You Through Grief, With or Without Religion

Adding religion to a funeral or memorial service is comforting for many people. This is especially true if your loved one was a person of faith. They may have had specific wishes for commemorating their life through scripture or other words of faith.

However, this is not the case for every family. For those without a specific religious leaning – or whose family includes people from many religious backgrounds – a secular service may be more appropriate. In this scenario, who should officiate the service?

This is the job of a funeral celebrant. These professionals can provide a touching, memorable, and respectful service for your loved one and family, with or without incorporating religious texts or beliefs.

If you are interested in partnering with a funeral home in Antioch for your loved one’s service, speak to the staff at Holy Cross Cemetery & Funeral Center. They may have recommendations for celebrants that they have previously worked with who can help you make the service everything your family needs.

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