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The Benefits of Using Vegetable Glycerin in Your Vape Juice in the UK

When you are trying to find the best vape juice around, you will most likely be presented with several choices, all of which have their own unique sales pitch. However, the ingredient that has overwhelmingly gotten the approval of users and manufacturers alike is VG-based nicotine. There are many reasons why this is so.

Sweet Taste

Vegetable glycerin has a naturally sweet taste that many users very much enjoy. With this sweetness, they can actually avoid using many of the artificial flavors that vaping is known for and stick to using a natural tobacco flavor. Of course, if you truly like the flavored varieties of e-juice, you can use vegetable glycerin in conjunction with those as well.

Thicker Hit

Vegetable glycerin provides a thicker hit than its counterparts. This gives the ability to exhale impressive clouds that users everywhere enjoy. In fact, there are even those users who pride themselves on performing tricks with the vapors that they exhale.


There are those vapers who are allergic to propylene glycol, which is the other ingredient that some vape juices use. For those who are, VG-based nicotine is a great option as allergies to this substance are very rare.


Any time that you use vegetable glycerin, it will be completely naturally sourced. This is in stark contrast to propylene glycol, which is always man-made in a laboratory.

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