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Solar Company in St. Johns County FL – Facts About Going Solar

Solar energy has taken the country by storm as if it is something new. However, the sun has been around since the beginning of time and people have used its energy since people started populating the Earth. Even the technology in solar panels is nothing new. What is new about this technology is that the price is lower than it was just a few years ago and there are still some local, state, and federal government programs that provide incentives if you go solar. If you live in St. Johns County FL, a good way to get started is to find a quality solar company in St. Johns County FL to help you through the process. The following will cover some important facts about solar.

How does it work?

The basic process is that solar panels absorb the sun’s light (energy source) and then this energy is converted into usable electricity that is transmitted to your electrical meter. You are essentially tied to the electrical grid which kicks in when solar cannot work.

Why should you go solar?

The list of reasons you should go solar is almost endless, but the biggest reasons are to conserve energy and save your hard-earned money. It is clean, sustainable, green energy for your home. Another good reason to choose this form of energy for your home or office is you might qualify for free solar. Not everyone qualifies to get free solar installation, but if you do, why not use it?

What should you expect when you choose to go solar?

The first thing that happens when you make the choice to go with solar energy is an evaluation. The initial evaluation can be done right on the phone. You will get a virtual analysis and receive information about qualifying for solar. You are under no obligation just because you make the call, but if you want to move forward, an in-person at-home consultation is scheduled at your convenience. Once you decide to go through with the process your system will be installed, and you will be part of the new green generation that conserves energy and money.

Each homeowner and business owner must make their own decision about switching to solar. It is less expensive and easier than ever to enlist a solar company in St. Johns County FL to do the work for you. Contact Parrot Solar for more information.

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