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First time attending a funeral? Here are 5 things you should know

Funerals are solemn events that require a certain level of decorum and respect. If you’ve never attended one, knowing what to expect and how to behave can be difficult. Here are five things you should keep in mind when attending one for the first time:

1. How you should dress

Dress in a way that shows respect for the deceased and their family. This means wearing clothing that is conservative and modest. Avoid bright colors and flashy accessories. Men should wear suits or dress pants and a shirt with a tie. Women can wear a dress or skirt that falls below the knee with a blouse or sweater. Also, think of dark colors. When in doubt, go with black; otherwise, grays and dark blues are also acceptable. Men should wear appropriately colored socks and a belt; women should avoid flashy accessories.

2. Arrive on time

If you arrive late to a funeral, you might not be allowed to enter immediately, so arriving early or at least on time is essential. This gives you time to sign the guest book and pay your respects to the family before the service begins. And remember to turn off your cell phone or, at the very least, put it on silent mode. You can also search for a funeral home near Hayward online to help you find the location.

3. Do what everyone else is doing – to a point

Be respectful of the mourners and by following their lead. If they’re quiet and reserved, follow suit. If they are more open and expressive, joining in is OK. It’s also important to avoid saying anything perceived as insensitive or inappropriate. However, regarding religious practices, find out the expectations ahead of time. For example, if you’re not Catholic, you would refrain from receiving Communion during a funeral Mass.

4. Avoid distractions

Funerals are not the time or place to bring distractions like food, drinks, or electronic devices – which is sometimes easier said than done if you bring a toddler to the service. While it’s important to be fully engaged in the service, stepping out for any reason is also OK. Just do so quietly and discreetly.

5. Offer condolences afterwards

It’s customary to offer condolences to the family of the deceased. Again, follow the other mourner’s lead with this – offer a hug, handshake or express your condolences if that is what the other attendees are doing. Just make sure you are sincere and respectful in your words and actions.

Attending a funeral can be a difficult and emotional experience, especially if it’s your first time. But by keeping these five things in mind, you can show respect for the deceased and their family while navigating the experience with grace and sensitivity.

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