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What are the Three Features of Vertical Lift Modules in California?

A Vertical lift module is an automated storage and retrieval system to store, access, track, and protect stored items. It requires minimal operator involvement and provides quick, organized access to materials stored within it. VLMs consist of a vertical column of drawers that are vertically stacked one above the other, which are accessible by an automated retrieval system. This article will explore some features of vertical lift modules in California.

1. Full Automation

Vertical lift modules are fully automated systems that require minimal operator involvement. Automatic retrieval, sorting, and a computer-controlled vertical carousel drive system provide tracking of stored items. This means that the user only needs to make a few inputs into the machine for it to start retrieving and sorting stored items – making the process quick and efficient.

2. Small Footprint

The modules are designed to occupy a small space in the facility – making them ideal for warehouses with a limited floor area. The combination of vertical storage racks and computer-controlled retrieval systems helps to maximize a warehouse’s storage capacity in minimal space.

3. Integration with Warehouse Management Systems

Vertical lift modules in California can be integrated with existing warehouse management systems, including Enterprise Resource Planning and Warehouse Management Systems. This allows for automated tracking of stored items, ensuring that inventory is up-to-date and accurate.

Acquire a Vertical Lift Today

Vertical lift modules are being increasingly adopted in California warehouses, offering improved efficiency and productivity. If you’re looking to maximize the storage capacity of your warehouse, contact a provider of VLM solutions today to get started. They will provide you with an efficient system that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. Call or visit to place your order today.

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