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Options for Men’s Fertility Treatment in Orange County, CA

Sometimes, couples have difficulty achieving a spontaneous pregnancy. Today, many options can help couples who want to have a child. There are several options for fertility treatment in Orange County, CA, for men who either cannot generate healthy sperm or have other sexual problems. Here are a few options available for men.

Lifestyle Changes

For some men, improving their lifestyles and changing certain behaviors can improve the chances of pregnancy. Sometimes, discontinuing certain medications, eliminating harmful substances, and exercising regularly can help. They may also be able to improve the timing or frequency of intercourse. Optimizing factors that can impair fertility is often beneficial.


Some medications are helpful for fertility treatment to improve sperm count, making the likelihood of a successful pregnancy higher. Medicines can increase testicular function, which improves sperm quality and production.

Surgical Options

Surgery may be a suitable option for treating infertility, depending on the man’s condition. Surgery can be helpful in instances where a sperm blockage is present. Surgical procedures can help reverse the backup and restore fertility. For some men, surgically repairing a varicocele can improve the overall chances of pregnancy.

Sperm Retrieval

Another possible fertility treatment in Orange County, CA, is sperm retrieval. This option is helpful in cases where ejaculation is a problem. It can also be a suitable option in cases where no sperm are present in the ejaculated fluid. It’s also a viable option in cases where sperm counts are low or abnormal.

Are you interested in learning more about men’s options for fertility treatment in Orange County, CA? Visit the Reproductive Health & Wellness Center website for more information.

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