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Five Characteristics of Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic systems are common in various industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, aviation, construction, manufacturing mining, steel, shipbuilding and others. The types employed in various applications vary. However, the most common type found is an anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Five Important Characteristics

Hydraulic oil is an important factor in the successful operation of metal machinery. Anti-wear hydraulic oil is one factor in a profitable venture. Whatever the application, the oil should exhibit the following characteristics:

  1. Anti-Wear: The best anti-wear hydraulic oils lessen metal-to-metal contact even under high-pressure conditions, therefore, enhancing both the performance of the lubricant and prolonging the life of the equipment.
  2. Viscosity: To be effective, the hydraulic oil must have a stable and optimal viscosity.
  3. Temperature: During operation in either cold or hot temperatures, the hydraulic fluids must be stable and consistently transmit the required power
  4. Thermal stability: When high-temperature operations are lengthy, hydraulic oil additives create stability, therefore decreasing thermal problems and increasing the life of the fluid.
  5. Biodegradability/Environmentally-Friendly: With increased tightening on environmental aspects of hydraulic oils, the best types of anti-wear additives may soon be required to be biodegradable or, at least environmentally friendly.

Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids

If you are focused on providing the best protection for your equipment, you need to select the right type of hydraulic fluid. To get the best performance you need to carefully look at what anti-wear hydraulic oil is available for your use. Do not settle for second-best. Collaborate only with professionals to ensure optimal performance daily.

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