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What You Need to Know About These Four Burial Options

Planning a burial for yourself, a loved one or a friend?

From ground burials to mausoleum crypts, you have several options when choosing the Holy Sepulchre cemetery in Southfield. Remember, each option has unique features and benefits. Those four options include:

1. Ground Burials

Ground burials, which remain one of the most popular options, are a traditional form of interment. Your loved one is buried in a cemetery plot, and a headstone or marker is placed at the head of the grave to commemorate them. Ultimately, this offers a peaceful, tranquil setting for loved ones to visit and reflect.

2. Cremation Niches

A cremation niche is a designated space in a columbarium. That’s a structure that contains many niches, each designed to hold an urn containing the deceased’s ashes. Cremation niches are becoming increasingly popular, as they are a convenient and accessible option for families who still want to visit their loved one’s final resting place.

3. Mausoleum Crypts

Mausoleum crypts are above-ground structures designed to hold the remains of multiple people. Crypts provide a secure and protected environment for your loved one’s remains and offer a peaceful, sometimes elegant, setting for visiting. Ask ahead of time if stained glass windows and other architectural features are available.

4. Family Estates

A very personalized option for interment, family estates offer loved ones, friends, and relatives the opportunity to create a private, peaceful, and serene environment for the final resting place. A family estate also allows you to design and customize the space.

The final resting place for yourself or a loved one is a personal and important decision. Whether you choose a ground burial at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, cremation niche, mausoleum crypt, or family estate, there are options to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Take your time and choose the one that feels right.

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