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Choosing a Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service Provider in NYC

Dogs find it uninspiring if they remain stuck in a loop. Studies show that dogs lacking enough playtime and exercise become destructive and anxious. But for New Yorkers, you might find it challenging to create time to help your dog exercise. This is why you need a dog walking and pet-sitting service provider. But what should you consider when looking for dog walking in NYC or pet sitting in Manhattan?


Your dog is your best friend and you want him to get a family-oriented experience on a walk. Choosing professionals gives you peace of mind knowing your dog is happy, safe, and comfortable.

Flexible schedules

Living in a city means you can’t have a fixed schedule. Thus, you must pick a service provider offering different customizable options. This way, you’ll enjoy flexible timing to boost your satisfaction.

All-day updates

It is essential to receive timely communication and updates about your pet. Thus, choose a partner who keeps you connected with your dog walker on a 24/7-hour basis.


When it comes to dog walking and sitting services, reliability is key. Choose a service provider who is all weather and seasons available, including weekends and holidays. Even if you’re taking a Holiday, you’ll have someone to walk your dog.

Final verdict

Now you know what to consider when looking for dog walking in NYC. NY Tails got you for all your dog walking and pet sitting in Manhattan calls. Contact them today and book an appointment for more details.

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