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Ways To Use The Tree Parts In Your Home After Tree Removal In St Petersburg FL

When you hire a company that does Tree Removal in St Petersburg FL, such as Happy’s Tree Service, you can pay to have the limbs and logs hauled away or you can do it yourself. Before you toss away all that wood, consider using it to make interesting furniture and decorations for your home.

Log Table

Take a large log and turn it into a side table for your living room. You have a few options on how to make the log last. You can stain it by rubbing stain into the wood with a cloth. Another option is to pour tabletop resin over the entire log. Pour it on top and let it drip down the sides until the entire thing is coated. The resin idea won’t work too well if you decide to keep the bark on the log. No matter how you choose to make the table, you should sand the top and bottom of the log to make it perfectly flat.

Branch Frame

Random branches will remain on your lawn even if the Tree Removal in St Petersburg FL company did haul away the tree. Use those random branches to decorate a framed family photo or piece of artwork. The original frame should just be a cheap plastic frame because you won’t see it with the branches on it. Take a bunch of the branches in a pile and tie them together using floral wire. You can work the wire over and under the branches. Make four bundles of the same length. Glue the bundles to the frame of your art or photo using wood glue.

Log Candle Holder

Take a smaller log or a thick branch and turn it into a candle holder for a mantle or table. This project does require using a drill with a bit big enough to make holes that will fit tea lights. Space the holes an inch apart. The longer the log or branch the more holes you can place for candles. Place the tea lights into simple glass holders and then into the holes in the log. Decorate the log with evergreen branches or leaves. Just change them out when they have rotted.

When you notice that you must find a company that does Tree Removal in St Petersburg FL to get rid of a troublesome tree, you’ll be secretly happy because you’ll have the goods to make all these fun crafts.

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