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How to Protect Yourself Against Catalytic Converter Theft in San Antonio

Catalytic Converter Theft San Antonio

Have you heard about all the catalytic converter theft in San Antonio? Apparently, thefts have risen by 1000%, so it is important to protect your car. If you run an auto dealership, this company is ready to help you. They provide a complete range of security solutions to prevent theft and vandalism.

Since most theft tends to occur after a business has closed, they monitor around the clock. When a would-be thief appears on the premises, they will be detected and caught. Technicians will install cameras around the property for continuous surveillance. Recovering stolen equipment is low, so prevention is the best policy.

In addition to high-resolution cameras, they also utilize AI-enhanced technology. Lights and sirens will sound if somebody attempts to enter the perimeter. This noise and light will scare them away and stop them from taking your assets. Each camera is monitored by AI technology, allowing the system to respond. If it detects an intruder, it will sound the alarm and notify the authorities.

This organization will also provide you with remote access and cloud storage. When you want to enter the building, you can use a keycard or a code instead of a physical key. Therefore, no unauthorized users can make it inside the building.

Since the equipment will be installed by professionals, you do not need to worry about it working. This company can enhance your business’s security and make you NDAA-compliant. These monitored solutions comply with national regulations. Video surveillance costs much less than hiring an armed guard.

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