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Helping The Less Fortunate- Donate to a Book Bank

How many hours have you spent reading so far? According to a survey by the NOP World Culture Score Index, Indians spend the most time reading, at an average of 10.42 hours a week. This makes India the country that reads the most.

However, for most underprivileged children, this remains just another statistic on paper that they’ll never get to read without your help. Such children rely on donations from well-wishers worldwide through various organizations. Here’s more on how you can help them achieve their dream by donating to a book bank.

Direct Donations

Sharing a book is one of the best ways to change the world. You may have a stack of books or other reading materials gathering dust in your study, and you have no more use for them. You can create room for new ones by donating the old ones to a needy child. You can buy new ones if you don’t have old ones. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just one or a collection because even one book can change a child’s life.

Volunteer for Reading Sessions

Some children require help with reading which doesn’t come easy in book banks. If you have some time to spare, you can spend it reading and teaching underprivileged children to read on their own. This is especially helpful when they’re using electronic media.

Offer Financial Support

Financial support will also go a long way in helping the children to access quality reading materials. Therefore, if you have no books or time to spend with the children, you can offer financial help.

The less privileged in most communities can barely afford their basic needs. Therefore, some things like reading are a privilege for them. But you can create a difference by giving whatever you have. However, ensure you do due diligence before donating to any organization.

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