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The Benefits of Door Access Control Systems in Bowling Green KY

In Kentucky, commercial properties require more extensive measures to keep them secure. Instead of a simple alarm system, the property owner could install a better monitoring system on their doors. Door access control systems provide heightened security and prevent common risks. A local supplier offers door access control systems in Bowling Green, KY, for better security measures.

Increasing Security for the Property

The systems require employees to enter a code into the door panel or swipe a card key. The doors won’t open until the correct code or an active card key is used. The system increases the security of the property by limiting access.

Preventing Unauthorized Access in Restricted Areas

Restricted areas of the building must be secured to prevent unauthorized access. The control panel allows the business owner to set up specific codes for each individual who has clearance to enter the area. The design prevents the doors from opening unless the correct code is entered or an authorized key card is used.

Monitoring Employees More Effectively

The door systems are connected to the company network, and the network administrator manages the door access control. The system allows the network to create a log of all the instances in which the code or the key cards are used. It shows which employee entered or exited the property and where the employee is located. The data is available immediately and helps the administrator monitor the security of the property.

Preventing Serious Risks to Employees

The door system prevents outsiders, such as disgruntled employees, from entering the building and causing bodily injuries. Any attempt to open the doors unlawfully is reported to the authorities. A panic button is also connected to the door panel to allow fast access to the local police department.

In Kentucky, commercial properties require heightened security to prevent invasions and other potential risks. Door access control systems are a technologically advanced option for increasing security in commercial property. The systems require either a digital code or a key card to gain access to the building and restricted areas. Business owners who want to learn more about the Door Access System in Bowling Green, KY, are encouraged to contact Sonitrol Security of Western Kentucky.

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