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Engineering Team Tests Digital Sensor Circuit Technology

When engineers design a radio frequency-based remote sensor, they’re more than likely going to link it to some kind of digital networking technology. That could be wireless Internet or 5G cellular telephony, but it could also include a variety of VHF-based services. There’s also the possibility that they could use an over-the-horizon system that leverages the power of the ionosphere in order to reach an even larger array of other devices.

A few teams have found that they can use small semiconductor-based devices, such as ADRV9004 modules, to construct complete digital sensor circuits around. These devices are normally small enough to fit in a wide variety of locations, which helps to ensure that they can integrate into relatively tiny IoT boxes that can then communicate with consumer-grade equipment.

For instance, a camera or industrial sensor equipped with ADRV9004 modules can then connect to a smartphone over a standard wireless network. Some engineers have also found that they can easily build custom solutions that give them the freedom to communicate with a wide variety of equipment types when necessary. Smaller organizations that have their own IT infrastructure can incorporate ADRV9004 devices into their existing workflows without too much difficulty. Those who provide technical services for outside organizations might find them useful as well.

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