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Pamper Your Loved Pooch with Gifts of New Toys and Treats Every Month

Did you know that over half of American households own dogs? Dog ownership has been growing since the beginning of the millennium. Why is that? Well, of course, it’s because people love dogs. We have no other friendship quite like that with our furry friend, the dog. Dogs are there for us on good and bad days. So, why not show them your love in ways they like?

Monthly Subscriptions Boxes

Dogs love toys and treats, and their humans love giving them. Here are some gifts for your dog that will surprise and please you and your pooch. Choose a subscription type like these:

  • Pooch Box that includes toys and treats
  • Pampered Pooch provides more toys and treats and a premium accessory
  • Toys Only with three plush toys in your choice of sizes

You can receive renewable subscriptions or one-time boxes. Click the link below to see our options of toys and treats your dog will go bonkers over.

See These Featured Toys

A few of the toys that our furry customers prefer include:

  • Frenzy the Shark!
  • Zippy Paws Floaterz Shark
  • Ruffian Seal with Ball Inside
  • And many more

Only the best toys and treats arrive for you and your pup. It’s easy and reliable. You customize your box to fit your dog, then decide what goes inside. All that remains is to pamper your pooch.

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